Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ’s About Duck Hunting:

Q. How does membership work?

A. You pay an annual fee each year. This fee gives you access to duck hunt on all PWH duck hunting properties.

Q. How much does it cost? Individual memberships are $1700 each year. There is a one-time initiation fee of $300. As long as you don't let your membership lapse you do not have to pay the initiation fee. You may bring guests, and they pay $50.00 per hunt.

Q. What is your Guest Policy?

A. You may bring the same guest up to 3 times during the same season. After the third trip, we ask that your guest become a member if spots are available. You may bring as many guests you as you like.

Q. Will blinds or decoys be provided?

A. Blinds are provided.  No decoys are provided. You may bring your own layout blind and decoys.

Q. Are dogs allowed?

A. Yes, dogs are allowed. Dogs must be on a leash or in a kennel/dog box before and after the hunt.

Q. Do you charge for family members?

A. Your first dependent child 21 and under are free. Each additional family member is $50.00.

Q. How many members will you be accepting?

A. An average of approx 4 members per each leased lake.

Q. Do I need to make a reservation before I go?

A. YES.YES.YES. A reservation is required before you access any club property. Simply call the club office M-F from 9 to 5 to reserve your spot, or book a lake through our simple online reservation system.

Q. What is your policy about hunting pressure?

A. Fishing pressure can destroy a good fishing lake. After 20+ years of leasing fishing lakes, we understand what pressure can do to wildlife and fish. We use this same knowledge and apply similar techniques to our duck lakes.

Q. What do you do for waterfowl management?  

A. Currently, we will not be flooding or controlling water depths on our properties.

Q. What type of member are you looking for?

A. Members who make a good fit are sportsmen, respectful, and leave the property better than they found it. If you had a single lake leased, you would not hunt it every other day. Consequently, we are not looking for members who want to hunt several days a week. We are looking for members who plan to hunt about once a week during the season and understand that this model must work for all: our members, our leaseholders, and PWH. While your membership affords you to hunt as many times as you like, you will not be asked to re-join if you are hunting excessively.